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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

And The Winner Is....

After the race we were inundated with emails from participants. Most of them were compliments. Some shared their experience at the race. Some were humorous, and some made us wonder if they had even been at the right event. For instance, one person mentioned in one of the running forums that the race was nice but only 2 port-a-johns for 500 runners was not enough. Maybe it is me, but when I walk inside a hotel (that is were bib and packet pick up was located) I assume there are bathrooms there. This person missed all 8 of them.

Another insisted that the course was long. “My GPS measured it at 13.26 miles” then he tells us that another 7 runners all measured different distances with their GPS…doesn’t that tell you the GPS is not accurate?

And the winner is…the one who told us she won’t be running that event again because there was no food. I don’t know how she missed:

Coffee - Tea - Hot Chocolate –
200 pounds of bananas –
500 sliced bagels (peanut butter, cream cheese, butter, jelly)
All of the above available before and after the race.As for a hot meal we had:Chicken –
Steak –
Wild rice –
Dinner wheat rolls - All of the above donated by the Outback Steak House
In addition we had:
Ziti –
Sausage –
Pizza –
Beer donated by Michelob Ultra.

Next year I guess we should have Finish Line Service so they don’t have to walk the additional few steps to the hotel.