I write about my life and life itself seen through my eyes for who can write through the experiences of others if not their own?

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Decision Making

There are decisions that I make with no hesitation, in fact, I volunteer to make them; where to eat, vacation plans, what car to buy, etc. It is those decisions that can change or alter the course of a life that I am intimidated by.

I assume it is only natural to worry about making the right decision; what if…it’s not?

I once read that Freud thought a decision should be made weighing the pros and cons but it if were an important decision then “the decision should come from the unconscious, from somewhere within ourselves. In the important decisions of personal life, we should be governed, I think, by the deep inner needs of our nature”.

My decisions of today are influenced by what is governing my life at the moment, what I am experiencing. Like almost everything else, decisions are circumstantial. What seems right today may not be tomorrow. Would I have the guts to admit my decision did not achieve the desired result or it no longer makes me happy? What if my decision separated me from the love of my life? Would I be able to reclaim that which my decision took me away from if I found out later that I could be happier if I rescind my decision?

I am afraid of decisions that are lead by stubbornness. I am afraid of decisions that are made to gain control in spite of what can be lost even if at the time that control seemed necessary.

I agree with Freud and I would go a step further. In vital decisions, let the heart speak. It is seldom wrong.