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Friday, March 06, 2009

Final Hours

36 hours away from a race we never imagined would reach this level, our minds run a race of their own trying to keep up with the last minute details. Increase food, make signs, find volunteers, and remember to thank sponsors properly.

In between, there are a few moments that make us stop and either laugh or simply shake our heads. A couple of calls today deserve mentioning.

Can I speak to the Race Director of the Life run marathon?

This is she but it is a half marathon. Celebrate Life Half Marathon.

Is the run 12 miles?

No, it is 13.1.

Oh, in that case I’ll see you at another race; I’m not ready for it.

Well, what’s your long distance mileage?

4 miles.

……Oh, thanks – take care

Why are you inquiring about a race you think is 12 miles when you are only ready to do 4?

Beats me.

Another one,

What’s the weather going to be like? How can I check it?

Go to weather.com

Spell it. How do I find that?

I’m speechless.

And yet one more;

The registration says “Rain or shine”. The forecast says 30% chance of showers. Are you going to cancel it?

And at the gym a man approaches me.

I heard you run marathons. I am interested in running one. Can you give me information?

Sure, you need a base to start. Maybe 20 to 25 miles a week. How many miles do you run?


A day?

No, a week.

Oh…how long have you been running?

Since last week.

I’m speechless.

Ambition is a good thing.