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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

In Good Hands

For good balance a good day must be followed by a less than ideal one. It started with my visit to the orthopedic doctor as a follow up to the knee MRI.

“Here, read the findings”
“I don’t quite understand the terminology, doctor”.
“It’s not that difficult to understand, let me read it to you”
{I said I don’t understand not that I can’t read}.

He proceeds to read it to me.
“Basically, it says they didn’t find anything.”


{Help me out here, doc}

“Nothing. We don’t know the cause of the swelling”


“So…any suggestions?”


“Do you want me to look at your knee?”
{I don’t want you to strain yourself, doc}
“Yes, that would be nice”

He touches, twists. Walks away. So I try again:

“MRI is negative, now what?”
“We can do another surgery and take a look”

I take a deep breath and choose my words carefully

“What assures me you will find what was missed the first time?”
“I have been doing this for many years but you are welcome to a second opinion”.
“Call the office and let me know what you want to do”

It is still unclear to me what my options are.The only thing clear is that I have a large deductable due now at the Imaging Center where the MRI was done. Other than that, I know as much as I did before.

It’s true what they say; the difference between God and doctors is that God knows he is not a doctor.