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Thursday, April 30, 2009

No New Memories
This weekend my friends will be running marathons – nothing unusual about that except that a couple are running NJ Shore marathon and another is running The Flying Pig Marathon.

I have memories of the NJ Shore marathon for I have been there and I was about to create a new memory in the Flying Pig one. That is me (or should that be “that is I”) – living in between past and future – nor here nor there.

I accompanied a friend 3 years ago to the NJ Marathon. That was fun. I’m sure it was more fun for me as a spectator running with her the last 9 miles than it was for her running all 26.2. The Pier was beautiful, the bars on the boardwalk lively and crowded. Then the drinks to celebrate and a Brazilian meal we couldn’t pronounce sealed the day. Good memories.

And now there is the Flying Pig I signed up to run with my running partner, her first marathon. I met her a year ago at her practice and offered to train together and also to run the marathon with her. It turned out that the woman is faster than I and I would have probably struggled to keep up with her or would have stayed behind. I think there is joy in having your trainee become better than you, at least for me there is.

But I won’t be going with her. I have a mandatory weekend at work and well…there are other marathons, there are fewer jobs. If I want to pay my registration fee, I need a job…so my choice was made for me.

But it will be sad remembering both and not being able to track any of my friends. So no new memories made, just keeping the old ones.