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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Running Through It.

The past 3 days have been really difficult runs. My legs don’t respond and my breathing has been totally off. My coworkers look at me astounded. How can I not be enjoying my runs when it’s so beautiful out, the sun is beaming, the temperatures are high ~ spring is in the air ~yet, I have had rave runs in the direst temperatures. What’s wrong with me?

For one, my body is not yet used to the warm temperatures. While it was cold, it dealt with it. Like it is with life, it made the best of it, and got through another difficult winter enjoying much of it. Eventually, it will do the same with summer. It will get used to all the right elements of the warm season.

But because all the elements appear right, sun, breeze, high temperatures, does not mean that it will be a good run. Likewise because they might be difficult (cold, wind, snow) does not stop it from being a fantastic run.

Humans thrive in the worst elements, I believe. Having it all too easy allow us to get too comfortable, to stop trying. We might at some point simply expect it to always be good and, we might even stop enjoying it. Besides, just because something looks so perfect does not mean it is.

All that glisters is not gold. A sunny day might prove to be the worst conditions for a run. A fun person might end up being an unworthy friend who lacks integrity once we discover their true nature.

A little or a lot of difficulty forces a sense of appreciation in us and prevents us from taking things for granted. Working through the rough spots makes us be grateful for what we have and what we enjoy. Peeling off the difficult layers might reveal an unexpected surprise.

So there might be a few more difficult runs, there will be some more difficult days. I’ll get though them as I have before knowing that in the end, that which might appear difficult, will be worth my effort.

And maybe this time, I’ll appreciate it even more.