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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Say Something…Say it to a Runner

From the moment this elderly lady at work heard I was pregnant she made a point of asking me how I was doing. She would stand in the middle of the aisle and wait for me to walk in, “how are you? You’re feeling okay?” Before I could answer she’d have disappeared in her cubicle. I caught up to it and joked about it with my coworkers. Sometimes I would delay the response a tad and before I answered she would have vanished without waiting for my reply.

Her case might be comical but not unique. Most 'how are yous' are pleasantries not intended to wait for a response. In the same category is the common “Call me if you need anything” meant sincerely as long as it does not interfere with the person’s schedule – walking the dog, shopping, washing their hair, doing a load of laundry and on and on and on.

Conversely, I have found that runners do listen…well, they do listen to injuries and races because that is all we talk about when we are together but regardless, they do listen! You can tell a runner all about your nagging injuries (ask my husband, he’ll tell you) and all about your races, and they’ll listen attentively. They will even offer to help you, do a race with you, give you a training plan or suggest a doctor. They really get into it! And will give you the impression that…. well, that they care.

Occasionally, I might offer something more involved than the "Fine, thank you" in reply to the habitual question and ~ Bang! End of conversation and I seldom hear a follow up question so I stick to my running issues…get my audience back.

My question is why ask a question or offer assistance when there is clearly no interest or intention in following through on it. It is everyone’s prerogative to do either but…. why?

Anyway, I have a test coming up in a couple of weeks…How are you?