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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Staying Alive

My mother emailed me; yes she is one e-communication person, e-cards and all. “Be careful with the swine flu. Protect yourself”. With my medical history I should pay more attention to these warnings but…I don’t. I don’t want to.

I gotta draw the line somewhere.

If I listened to all the warnings she and everybody else sends me, I would not go to the mall because I might get mugged, I wouldn’t gas my car because someone might crawl in my back seat and strangle me, I would cancel my cell phone because it causes brain tumors, and the list is endless. I wouldn’t eat chicken, fish and God forbid, meat! And forget about those carbonated beverages and the non carbonated ones, what happens to the cans in the warehouses and what the plastic bottles might do to me…no way! Not to mention all the emails that I am not supposed to delete because I would let the devil win (as if “it” has an email account). There is no way out.

So when she said I should avoid shaking hands and kissing people, I had to laugh. I can not not shake hands in my job if I want to keep it and I don’t want to stop greeting my friends the way I greet them. Yes, there is an unfortunate epidemic right now but if staying alive means living as if I were dead…what’s the difference?

I might have to run the miles I want to run; drink the glass of wine I want to drink and shake the hands of the clients I meet and kiss my friends when I see them and when I say Good Bye because being alive means enjoying all of these things I am doing. I appreciate the warning and will do my best to protect myself…as long as it means enjoying the life I so hard fight to keep in me.