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Monday, April 06, 2009

This thing called Lent.

In the last 15 years or so I have been observing Lent. By observing I mean that I give up something from Ash Wednesday to the Saturday before Easter.

Lent is supposed to be that time when through self-discipline we find spiritual renewal and purify ourselves of sins – or try. That is but one of the meanings of Lent, I’m sure there are a ton more. I could do more meaningful things like try really hard to be a better person, but I choose to offer something more attainable, I give up my wine. If there is any merit to this 47 day observance, I should have earned my entrance to Heaven because I. L.O.V.E my wine.

The truth is that I don’t really give up my wine as a Lent offering. If there is any purification in doing the right thing during Lent, honestly, why does it have to end at 47 days? I don’t agree with that. If we are going to stop hurting others, or feed the hungry or dress the naked, it should be a way of life and not done during a restricted period of time. Granted that in this economy, I’m lucky if I can dress my children. But I digress.

Back at the wine, my friend stopped drinking her daily dose of wine at the start of the year because she felt it affected her weight and another friend is also reaping the weight loss benefits of abstinence. Wish I could say that, but during the past 42 days I am eating like it’s going out of style. On a regular basis my glass next to me, while I work on a project at home, entertains me. Now, I look for that entertainment in the kitchen every 10 minutes. Grapes, cheese and crackers, left overs, anything! Not going in the right direction.

5 more days and I will have completed another 40 some day cycle. If nothing more, it shows me that I don’t need wine to deal with life, those in my life might need wine to deal with me but that’s a different post.

Now, I can maybe concentraste the rest of the year on doing what Lent is really all about, being a better person. Ok, ok, trying to be better. How is that?