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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

On the Healthy Choice

Pursuing good health or at the very least some kind of improvement, I drastically changed my diet after a rude awakening 8 years ago.

In the imminence of the crisis, I switched from my morning hot chocolate to juicing all kinds of vegetables into a green and at times brown thick substance. Far behind were left the “carne asada”, gyros, my medium rare steaks and juicy hamburgers and replaced with baked chicken and fish.

Only a very mild smoker, my last puff of a cigarette was exhaled one day in the parking lot of my office as I waited for results.

Every suggestion anyone who had “been there, done that” gave me became gospel to me. I was directed to a Homeopathic doctor who changed my diet even more dramatically and gave me clock time guidelines. I was to avoid before 3:00 P.M. all white flours and anything my body could turn into sugar and I was instructed to consume them only in small quantities thereafter. Even fruits were on this hour schedule.

I said good-bye to Hungry Man and the processed TV dinners I seldom ate and I increased the consumption of yogurt and fermented foods. Ice cream, my long time passion, due to its high content of sugar became a forbidden luxury.

The idea was to exclude what could feed the bad cells and arm my body with the right ammunition to fight the enemy and with that, I reluctantly accepted that my coffee would have no sugar…. ever and I switched from my beloved plain bagel to two slices of wheat bread.

I had never eaten badly and I was never too interested in fried or fatty foods. The difference is that I didn’t eat them because I didn’t want to not because it was forbidden. Something happens when the decision is made for us and suddenly it all becomes desirable.

Nevertheless, as it is with everything, I got used to it. 8 years later, I cannot tolerate sugar in my coffee. And a hamburger is in the same category as ice cream, a high luxury I normally can’t afford to have.

But although I no longer miss what I can’t have, occasionally I think of it as I walk past the local diner next door and the smell of bacon and home fries teases my senses or when a puff of smoke touches my face.

After these many years I have lessened a little the criteria of healthy eating pursuing now not only good health but also seeking a balance between preserving and enjoying life.

After all, there is no point in giving up something when the trade off does not compensate the loss. In my case, it has.