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Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Unfairness of Running

I have not run in 4 weeks due to an unknown origin pain in my knee. It is unusual for me to succumb to pain. I have run through anything until now. I ran with staples still in my belly after two surgeries. I ran through treatment, bronchitis, shingles, stress and everything in between. I have run with a heavy heart and with a heavy body. Nothing has ever stopped me. This is the first time that pain has won.

Today I ran. And after 4 weeks today’s run was…

It was….

Hard! It was as if I was running for the first time and I am not talking about the pain in my knee which did not go away but was more tolerable, but my cardiovascular fitness lost.

One thing about running that we all can agree on is that running respects no seniority. There is no endurance that can be banked for rainy days. Don’t use it, lose it kind of thing.

Anyway, there is no point in this boring post other than to acknowledge that even the strongest passions weaken when not used. Except that this one is a passion I’m not ready to give up on so I'll try again, and again until I can claim my seniority back.