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Monday, June 15, 2009

An Early Sunday Morning

When I walked into the school track to register my husband for the Classic 10K on Saturday afternoon, I had the feeling I was walking into the setting of a marathon. Stands lined up with for the different products participating in the fair, a table for registration and a table for packet pick up and people walking in and out of the site carrying a plastic bag and a green t-shirt in their hands.

The registration fee was outrageous. I am an advocate for low entry prices and $27 for a local 10K is…outrageous. But regardless, people still pay it, I was one of them.

I had been asked to help with registration on race day. That meant getting up at 5:00 a.m. to be able to be there Dunkin Donuts coffee in hand at 6:30. Last year, I was able to avoid helping by finding the convenient excuse of having an emergency surgery on race day. Strangely enough, it had been the second identical surgery on identical weekends, so all in all this race brings hospital memories if nothing more. It was also the first 10K I ever ran.

The race is…good. It is a wanna be international affair. It draws a decent crowd and it brings elites to town. Those fast runners who only compete for money - that explains part of the steep entry fee. The difference between the elites and me besides the 20 plus minutes in our time is that they get paid to run, I have to pay to run.

This year's race was well organized. Enough support on course and good food afterwards. No complaints from me....oh yeah, no wine. There were the success stories like the woman who completed it after losing 87 pounds.

10 minutes before the start one of the directors offered me a bib # and chip. I took it and with all my excuses lined up to justify a poor race, I took off. I ran comfortably for 3.5 miles and then raced the last 2 and a half. I felt good.

My time at 54:11 was nor good nor bad, it just was. What was important is that I felt good and I had a good time. There is something to be said for no expectations. Just letting things be whether on a course or in life changes the attitude and allows the space and the energy to enjoy the journey.

So I did that. I enjoyed that journey as I am trying to enjoy the others in my life. Sometimes you get more for your money than just a race.