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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mud and Fun

I am clumsy. I trip in my own house. Rocks and roots are not my first choice of entertainment. I only signed up for this trail race because I would be meeting my friends and after we would be heading over to the Gilded Otter for some wine. There is always wine at the end (or start) of all my plans.

My friends Emmy and Frank didn’t get there until after 7 but while I waited for the 6:30 PM start, a heavy storm hit us hard. Somehow we managed to get under a 4 X 4 tent and waited for the start. I kept crying “I want to go home!!! but at 6:25 the storm let up and the race started.

The trail was…wet; puddles abundant. 3 miles up hill with one water stop at the top of the mountain followed by 5+ more bearable miles.

I felt good. I found it a success not to fall on my face not even once.
The race is economical, no frills race. Basically you pay $10 and off you go, that’s it. Run then go home empty handed like you came.

But it was good.

I never saw my friends so I never got my wine with them but it was still a very memorable night. I ran a good race and came home to a sink of dirty dishes. No surprises there.

The race was different, everything else was the same.

No surprises. That is good