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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Time Running Out for Some
Rock hill Run and Ramble

The forecast called for heavy rains. I didn’t bother checking. I had to do this race.

I drove to the site of the Run and Ramble 45 minutes earlier. The air was humid and the sun was peaking out much to our surprise. I shook hands and kissed babies. It always feels good to be back on the headquarters of the company I worked for for so many years. Friends I worked with greeted me with open arms, some calling my name in the crowd. All asked the same common question “How do you feel?” .

I lined up among 801 other runners and walkers. Kenyans, local elites, women and men pushing strollers. People of all types, runners and non, all standing elbow to elbow -hopefully all of us wearing deodorant- in this humid day waiting for the gun to go off.

My friend Suzy balanced herself on a stand and gave us the “GO”. I jogged for a few minutes until the crowd opened up and I could run, not much faster than my jog!

I could hear my husband behind me yelling at friends – Lord, the man never shuts up. I passed and was passed. I felt out of breath the entire way and finally reached the finish line completely spent. Now the real event could start.

I went back to walk my oncologist in his final mile. It is nice to chat with him under different circumstances in a place without the sanitary smell of the hospital I always see him. I rather take sweat anytime.

I looked at that clock and thought how relative time is. Today there is a man in the hospital, a man who a year ago shared the podium pleading for a transplant. He has not found it and his time is running out like it did for Jared, the 18 year old also on that podium a year ago.

When my friend handed me the microphone, I could only think of those two men and urged people to participate in the donor drive. I was proud to see my husband do it.

This year’s beneficiary was Ellen, a 9 year old wearing a bandana covering her bold head. I came over and hugged her, talked to her a few minutes, showed the hair that one day had also fallen out but she was overwhelmed and scared. Interesting how years ago I would avoid anyone sick and today, I seek them out. Someone said once that I "advertise my illness", I prefer to think of it as a reality I face and if it helps some in the process, then it's good.

The Run and Ramble is a great race but it is more than that to me. And today again, I pray that I’ll be there next year and that Ellen will be too.