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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

You're Too Old For Me

"Do you want to go to the movies?" My husband asked anticipating the answer.

"What movie are you watching?" My question was pointless; my answer would remain the same. “I don’t think I would like it”

“How about…”

“No, Miguel is going with his friends. I’m going in by myself”

I felt a mix of sympathy and laughter.

Only a few years ago Miguel would patiently wait at home on Fridays for Papa to take him to the mall, the movies and ending it with a hamburger at Ruby Tuesday’s and a glass of milk served in a frozen beer mug, just like Papa. He allowed his Dad to hold his hand in the early years, later letting go but walking side by side. The last time I watched them walk together the dad had to walk fast to keep up with his son.

“I asked Tati too, she wants to stay home.”

Now my laughter turned into nostalgia.

I remembered our bonding times, the days when my daughter and I would take the same trek down mall land. Just like my son, she’d let me hold her hand, buy her a pretzel and some Chinese food and call it our bonding time. As the years went by, I let go of her hand, the pretzel remained but our bonding time meant she would pick the clothes, I would pay the cashier. But at least we spent time together. I still felt it was a fair trade.

Just this past weekend I attended a Quince with my daughter.

“We won’t stay long” I said as we entered the place blasting Calambria by Enur. 45 minutes later I would lose my daughter on the dance floor among her friends. 4 hours later, when my chin fell off my hand for the 10th time, I asked her if she was ready, "not yet, soon."

Never thought I would have to pay for the times when I gave her the same answer…

We can’t deny it, face it, our kids are growing up and we are getting too old for them to want to hang out with us.

They will never be too old for us to want to hang out with them.