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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Catskill Relay 50K

I avoided running this race as much as I could. I ran it two years ago and the memories of that day in the blazing sun still haunt me. But reluctantly, out of excuses this morning I laced up my sneakers and with a cup of coffee in my hand headed over to Hanoffee Park. I paid my $10 entry fee and hoped…

I had not team and I secretly hoped no one would need me. Sure enough, one team was short a person and asked me to fill in.

I was scheduled to do leg 5 – a 10K similar to all the others. They all have one hill and that hill is about 5 miles long. After finishing leg #3, the person I was riding with asked me to take over before he fainted from exhaustion. So here I was, jumping from the car to run totally uphill on my first impulse. I cursed until I made it to the first mile, then cursed some more til I got to the second and so on. At some point my support vehicle missed the turn and I was left with no support for the last 3 miles.

I made it.

It really wasn’t bad once I got back to my senses and stopped hallucinating. The finish line had a nice spread of food but I had to leave because my services as a cab driver were needed by my kids at home. So I grabbed a sandwich (gotta get my monies worth!) and drove home.

I'll come up with some excuses next year but I'll probably do it again.