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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Enough Already!!!

I have a great detest for chain letters. When I was growing up, way before Internet – actually way before computers – people would slide a chain letter under our door. My family, very much into superstition, would panic. I was not made aware of how they handled the letter. Maybe at night they sneaked into other people’s houses and planted the letter in their dining room table, I have no idea.

As technology has made dramatic changes in our communication, there are no longer letters secretly left on your doorstep; that has been replaced by electronic mail.

Regardless of how it’s now delivered, it remains an annoyance. Although I seldom get an email that threatens me with misfortune if I don’t do as told, I get the zillion others that tell me “this email can not be deleted”, “don’t let the devil stop this” – how about my boss stopping me from using company email for chain letters? Or the typical “send this to 8 people in the next 4 minutes and you’ll receive this……” “Send it to 6 people and you will receive this” “Send it to 4 people and forget it, ain’t worth it”

Here is the thing, if I had 8 friends, I would like to keep them and not annoy them with my little chain email nonsense.

Besides, I don’t think God is sitting there with this laptop reading his yahoo email overlooking my good deeds and my ehmm….wrongdoings in exchange for my timely compliance of my chain emails.

I refuse to comply.

I never really understood why my family, so strong in their faith, would believe in so many superstitions. My faith should be enough to console my insecurities and my fears but in all honesty, although I refuse to do chain emails, I have my own share of superstitions of which most don’t make any sense. For instance, I will not receive a saltshaker in my hand…put it somewhere else where I can grab it but I won’t take it from you. Stupid, I know.

Anyway, the electric company has been working on the road where I run. Gotta make sure I avoid their ladder….