I write about my life and life itself seen through my eyes for who can write through the experiences of others if not their own?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Negotiator

I looked at my dog with sadness as my husband fed him pieces of meat. “You have to negotiate with life”, he said.

Porkchop is no longer eating his dog food. His legs don’t bend making it difficult and painful to walk to his dish. He spends most of his time lying down. “He wants to live so he has to negotiate”

I thought about the sympathy of this man for our dog and I also thought about his statement. How often we all must negotiate in life making the best of what we have, and not always getting what we need or want. How often we deal with unfortunate incidents and get through them. How often I have dealt with a loss and learned to appreciate what I have in the absence of the lost object, something I would not have done otherwise.

I am about to start another negotiation as yesterday my company announced the loss of their contract which in short means employment with them will soon end.

There will have to be a number of negotiations in order to survive the transition; a hold on a family vacation, and a cancellation on my weekend getaway; change of plans in getting a new car for the husband and a few other minor expenses that must be eliminated.

Whatever needs to be done will be done to get past this new curve ball. I can also choose the alternative; feel sorry for myself, complain about the unfairness of life, think of the “ifs” and kick myself for past decisions made but the end result would not get me through these times.

Perseverance, faith, networking and the desire to move forward will and in the long run it will be okay in spite of this or because of this.

I don’t necessarily believe that everything happens for a reason. There have been things in my life I never found a reason for and I wish they had not happened; I can’t say that life is better because they did happen. But getting through hurdles and difficulties has given me a better perspective on life. I have learned to appreciate what is and I don’t spend time mourning what is not.

Like my dog I have learned a valuable lesson, if nothing more, that I can always negotiate with life and within myself.