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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Google Me

My manager asked me to come in her office. I felt my heart beating fast. Fearing a reprimand I closed the door as instructed.

"Have a seat"

“What do you know about Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma?” she said.

“More than most, less than I should” I replied with a sigh of relief.

She shared that her younger brother had just been diagnosed with NHL. We talked for a few minutes. When I got up to leave I said

“I haven’t told anyone in the office…. how did you know?”

With a smile she replied “I googled you”.

I laughed. I supposed it is appropriate for an employer to research information on prospective employees but it doesn’t end there.

People google everybody!

It is not an intrusion of privacy because if we don’t want something made public, it should not be on the net. Never write what you don’t want read in court is a good advice to live by. Yet, I find that getting bits and pieces on the Internet about a person opaque and distorts the image of the real person.

I don’t google my friends. Maybe I should! I prefer to be pleasantly surprised as I hear their stories shared in their own words and I discover their personality traits without a preconceived opinion extracted from the web.

Google is a good tool. I use it all the time. I look up lyrics for songs.

Or when I want to find information on people....employers, that is.