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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Forestburgh Punishment

Have I said enough times that I hate 5Ks? No, not enough so let me say it again. I.HATE.RUNNING.5Ks.

I only run them for support when I know the Race Director and Eureka, I know a lot of race directors!

Today’s was…hard, aren’t they all hard? Challenging course with a humidity factor of 90+% . I did poorly; I felt poorly, I looked poorly. But heck, I got a medal. Obviously, there must have been only 3 women in their 40s running in the race (the others were walking so I was able to beat those). I don’t like to medal when my time sucks and I feel so crappy. But whatever, I got it and I’ll hang it in my hall of fame.

I walked more times than I normally do. I thought of ways to get out of it by mile 2…ok, maybe I can say I twisted my ankle; or I saw an old time friend and decided to walk with her but they were summer home visitors who I don’t know so that wouldn’t fly. Somehow I finished it and of course, there was a photographer there to capture that Kodak moment. Damn!

At the end of the race, a group of us walked over to the river and sliding in the mud were able to get to the water and freshen up. I wonder what our spouses would think of our Woodstock experience after a 5K. No skinny dipping though. All very proper.

That was actually fun. The water felt good but it was of a rusty color, some said it was due to the incredible amount of rains we have had. Heck, I just hope it was not mixed with some radioactive waste. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow when we wake up (if we wake up). Ok, I am kidding. GOD, I am only kidding!

That was my experience for the weekend. I won’t have to run another one for another month. By then, the humidity and heat factor will be lower so I will come up with another reason for my poor performance other than the fact that I hate 5Ks.