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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Is Pain Easier?

Noticing that one of my nails has become imbedded again due to the constant pounding of my shoe against it while running, I reflected on the discomfort I experience every time the nail is partially removed.

I shield as I think about it. The pain is sharp and I rather not face it again. Making that appointment with the Podiatrist is not something I look forward to. I don’t want to go through it no matter if I know the procedure will make it good.

The anticipation of pain is sometimes greater than enduring pain.

When the scars are deep and raw, a slight brush against them brings to the surface the pain we have felt and the fear takes over. It is difficult to muster courage to take the risk again and when fear is greater, we often kiss benefits away. Sometimes it is easier to remain in a latent discomfort than to experience the acute pain to overcome….

It is not not appreciating the benefits; it is not dismissing the effort put into making it better,
it is simply being afraid of feeling that pain again. And that fear might make us let the hurting go too far engaging in arduous and unhappy situations unable or unwilling to open dialogue or take action that will ease the pain and end the latent suffering.

We are animals of routine. We get accustomed to discomfort and we walk around with open wounds.

The experience of pain is difficult to overcome.

p.s. The song....well, I just like it.