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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Reality Check

Looking at my usual marathon training, it is impossible for me to do a marathon in October but I knew that so I had written off any possibilities of an early fall experience. What I am now realizing is that even a November marathon might be out of reach. I have not done any long runs but a 15 miler a month ago – way too early – and then fell back to the 12 and 13s. Not going in the right direction.

Yes, I can do one, I can crawl my way to the finish but I don’t want to. A marathon is difficult, and it is to me a major commitment. If I am going to drag my family there and take this challenge, I want to have a little bit of confidence that I am not going to hurt any more than the normal which is a lot! – I am not saying that I won’t be crawling my way to the finish or I wont be in excruciating pain regardless of my training, it has happened before, but I want to stand on that start line knowing that I have done my homework.

Otherwise…it will have to be another year.