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Friday, September 18, 2009

The Stupid Stuff That Makes Me Happy


At the end of a difficult week it is good to come out of it with some new gadgets, so with that in mind I have invested in a Garmin 205. The reason for that is simple, one of the important things in my life, running, is out of whack. I keep trying to make it better and it ain’t happening because my pace is all over the place.

The Garmin will do it. OK, the Garmin will tell me how badly I am missing my target and it is up to me to stick to it, my target that is and yes, my Garmin. It won’t do me any good if it remains in my glove compartment.

I’m sure it will have 3 thousand features of which I will learn 2 or 3. Hopefully, one of those features will be the one I bought it for.

We’ll see. I’ll test it this weekend. It might be like the heart monitor I once had. I kept ignoring the obnoxious beeping so I turned it off and used it as a watch…The Garmin is a watch too so it won’t be a total waste.

I also changed my Facebook settings, cleaned up my blog, blog listings and took a shower and washed between my toes.

I’m all set.