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Monday, September 14, 2009

Walk the Race 3K

Beautiful sunny skies. Flat certified course alongside the Neversink River. The only real race for walkers of all types in the area. Lowest entry fee at $8. A nice Bourbon glass. A barbecue spread after...what can be better?

I don't know but apparently something was.

The race on Sunday flopped when less than 50% of last year attendance showed up on this gorgeous day.

One of the participants recounted afterwards "you can be home right after if you don't stick around for the hamburgers, hot dogs, bananas, oranges, watermelon, cupcakes and everything else these people give".

It was a disappointment, to me at least it was. When walkers have complained for years of not being taken seriously, of not having their own race and finally someone gives it to them and yet they don't show up, it seems contradictory.

This is a lame post so I'll try to come up with something more interesting later. More interesting to me, that is because that is the beauty of blogging, isn't it?