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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Not that Simple!

With the increased emphasis on fitness, health and looks, more on looks than health and fitness everyone has something to offer or to tell us that will make us feel and look better.

I particularly like the magazines that have a picture of a beautiful woman or a man with a delineated abdomen and a headline that claims “look like this in 4 weeks”. Yes, no doubt you will look like that in 4 weeks if you already looked like that 4 weeks before.

But the quest for fitness and looks can sometimes be deceiving. I am a strong believer (now) in healthy living and I believe (now) that making the right choices in foods, environment and exercise contributes to a healthier life. I, however, feel that the importance that is placed by advertisement and even fitness freaks (I use that term loosely) conveys the idea that happiness awaits if we just look a certain way.

I recall a beautiful actress –Linda Carter - being asked if she thought her beauty had given her happiness. She replied that beauty was like money, having it does not make you happy but not having it can make you very unhappy.

Fair enough. It can certainly open doors but there is a difference between achieving something because of what we have or how we look and being happy.

The bottom line here is that happiness can not be bought.

No doubt I draw a lot of happiness from my chosen form of exercise. But my elation in running is not any greater than a person who composes a song, writes an essay or plays the guitar.

So when I hear these quick cures to discontent or an E-Z pass to cheerfulness I shake my head and smile. I have lived, hurt, ached and loved enough to know that
“Get over”
“Move on”
“Lose weight”
Is not easy.

And that eating this, drinking less or more of that can help live a better life but won’t necessarily give me happiness.

Happiness can not be bought.

If it were that easy, we would put it in a bottle and sell it.

That would almost make it not worth it, wouldn't it?