I write about my life and life itself seen through my eyes for who can write through the experiences of others if not their own?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

11 Hours and One Show

She actually invited me to attend. I felt honored…She never invites me. I knew I had to be there no matter what. I showed up after driving in the rain for hours.

I was in the back at first and she couldn’t see me. Well, truth be told, I couldn’t see her either until she spotted me. There was that light smile almost wanting to hide it in front of her friends and then a bigger one and a hug. She was glad to see me, I was glad to be there.

I knew it was going to be a 10 hour drive if things went well for a glimpse of her. I was not wrong.

I waited in the rain under my umbrella until her wave went. I got to see her at the 800 meter mark. She was way in the back, almost last. I closed my eyes and prayed she wouldn’t despair. On my way there she had called. “I’m a bit anxious”. I know, I said. Think of it as another race, just one more race. Give it what you have today. No less.

I walked over to the final stretch and waited with plenty of time. A friend coincidentally was the photographer of the event and she promised to try to get good shots of her. I waited…and waited. Then the leader showed up, soon after the pack. I feared seeing her at the end, desperate, but suddenly I saw her, she had moved up to the middle of the pack. There she is! I screamed as if everyone knew who she was. It was raining steady by then and I wiped my face several times, but wait, I had an umbrella, what was I wiping?

She passed by my side with exhaustion clear in her face. Go Bebe! I yelled. And off she went to complete the last 200 meters of her 5K.

It wasn’t her best time but it didn’t matter. She was competing in the New York State Cross County Championship with the best and she was one of them.

And I was one of them mothers, really really proud.

11 hours later and two cups of coffee. It was so worth it.