I write about my life and life itself seen through my eyes for who can write through the experiences of others if not their own?

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Play Nice

Exasperated and tired after driving five hours to watch my daughter compete in the NYS Cross Country Championship, I jumped in my car with 15 minutes left before the start of the race to get the umbrella all other spectators had brought to shield themselves from the steady rain on this early Autumn morning.

I yanked the seat belt so hard it locked in place. I yanked again and it locked more, not yielding one inch. Cursing under my breath I released my grip. It released its. We were good. I drove off.

I slammed the door to my car and ran to the store, jumping to the automatic door. I waited and it didn’t open. The door to my right had opened and closed twice already. I took a deep breath and stepped back allowing the mechanism to reset itself; it opened.

I heard the voice of my philosophy class teacher years ago: "When you hit it, it hits you. When you hurt it, it hurts you".

So play nice.

Nothing good comes out of anger, mistreatment, resentment, pushing and shoving. It’s the Golden Rule; treat others like you want to be treated, because when you hurt it, it hurts you.

The law of cause and effect where every action produces an equal and opposite reaction essentially states that there are consequences to our actions. We are the crafters of our own destiny and happiness and what we put out creates a kind of energy that will travel through the Universe and in a different form will come back to us. Energy changes, but it does not disappear.  It eventually is modified into a force that will travel back in a delayed boomerang effect. Its timing and the force in which it will hit is not to be predicted, yet it must be accepted.

So play nice,  indulge in a positive attitude, carve what you want to receive and dispose of an attitude that is not congruent with what you want to experience. Be kind, not out of fear of reaping negative effects for your actions, but because being kind should be the only alternative our inner being aims to be for the benefit of all not only your own.