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Sunday, November 01, 2009

In Recognition

There is this race I am involved with. It is a half marathon. It started as a “something to do” race between two runners. It took off and became a really good race. It is a lot of work, much more work than I want to do a lot of times.

There are times during it that I find myself wondering how I am going to be able to do so much and my partner feels the same, I’m sure. There are times when we both want to throw the files out of the window or...at each other. Then the race happens and after we collapse we start talking about the next one. It has been like that for now 7 years.

Last Thursday the race was honored by the organization that administers the proceeds and disburses them to cancer patients. I am saying the race because it sounds silly to say that we were honored…. but we were.

I downplayed it as I normally do these things. It only became real and official when I walked in the door and saw the room filled. No, not everyone was there for us, they were there for the organization but there were two tables with our friends.

Some of them postponed their meetings to be there, some rearranged their schedule to be there. Some of them travelled do to their errands early in the morning to be there. I really appreciated that. It is easy to forget, it is easy to have something to do than to be somewhere for somebody but these people were there for us.

It felt good to see them and it felt good to be with them.

Watching myself on the screen was not that cool.

It was a great honor to be there. And that award was received more on behalf of all of those who sponsor it, all of those who help, all of those who run it and all of those who like our families put up with our absenteeism during the months we work on the race.

They are the ones who should have been honored. But in any event, I am grateful.