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Monday, November 09, 2009

The Tree

Everywhere I look there are Christmas decorations, reindeers and Christmas trees. It has always been that way since I can remember. Christmas announcements start 6 weeks earlier but each time I look puzzled as if it were the first time I see it. I’m silly that way.

The annual lighting of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree which is typically lit on the Wednesday after Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season in the Big Apple.
It is really a big tree, a really huge tree with lots and lots of lights and it draws millions of people each year.

I normally don’t partake in NYC Christmas events. Too much hassle and well, like the tree, it is a little overrated but it is New York City and that in itself ranks high. One year, I dragged my family and my friends to Rockefeller Center to see The Tree.

It was a brisky night in Mid December with a light breeze chilling our bones even more. It was a stary night, a good Holiday season night.

It was as close to a mad house as I have ever seen. Parking was overpriced as merchants try to make the best of the season by jacking up the prices and being where we were, there was no escape, pay now or pay later at an auto body shop.

We braved the crowds walking over to Rockefeller Center and when I say brave the crowds, I mean it. It was one step at a time walking with our arms on chest to avoid being thrown against the person in front. I watched the face of my kids, husband and friends and wondered how much they hated me at that moment.

When we finally reached the tree and were able to see the ice skating rink it was an “ok, we’re here, what now?” moment. But to me, it was more than making it to the tree.

I was doing something we don’t get to do all the time. Nothing especial about it but a big tree that has a special significance that time of the year. But what was significant to me is that I was there with the people I wanted to be, my kids and my friends.

After seeing the tree, we fought the crowds again and squeezed ourselves inside a vine bar to enjoy a glass of wine. Braving the cold breeze we improvised a chair out of the front fence.

After that, the mission had been accomplished and we drove home. I don’t think any of them remember that night as fondly as I do. To them it was probably a cold night stubbornly spent on a trip to see a big tree. To me, it was doing an out of the ordinary event and spending time with the people in my life I most wanted to be with.

Some events happen only once in a life time same as some people do. It can never be recreated.

That night was one of them.