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Saturday, December 05, 2009

I Wish For You...

Oh hell, of course I didn't write this. Enjoy.

Iwish you first that you love and that loving, you also are loved. And that, otherwise, you are brief in forgetting and that after forgetting, you do not keep resentments. I desire, then, that is not thus, but that if it is, you know to be without being hopeless.

I also wish you that you have friends, and that, bad and even inconsequent, they’ll be brave and faithful, and that at least there’ll be one who you can trust without doubting.

And because life is thus, I also wish you that you have enemies. Neither many nor few, in the exact measurement, so that, some times, you may question your own certainties.

And that among them, there’ll be at least one who is fair, so that you do not feel too sure of yourself.

I wish you in addition that you are useful, but not irreplaceable. And that in difficult times, when there is nothing left of anything, that skill be sufficient to keep you standing. Also, I wish you that you be tolerant; not with those who seldom make mistakes, because that is easy, but with those who err often and irremediably, and that making good use of that tolerance, you be an example to others.

I wish you that being young you do not mature too much quickly, and that already mature, you do not insist on rejuvenating, and that being old you do not dedicate yourself to the despair. Because each age has its pleasure and its pain and it is necessary to leave flow between us.

I wish you that you be sad. Not all the year, but hardly a day. But that in that day you discover that the daily laughter is good, that the habitual laughter is insipid and the constant laughter is unhealthy.

I wish that you discover with utmost urgency, above and in spite of everything, that there exists, and surrounds you, oppressed and unfortunate beings, who are treated with injustice. I wish you that you caress a cat, you feed a bird and you hear a finch raise triumphant its morning song, because this way, you will feel good by anything.

I wish also that you plant a seed, as miniscule as it may be, and that you accompany it in its growth, so that you discover how many lives it takes to make a tree.

I wish you, in addition, that you have money, because it is important to be practical. And that at least once per year you put some of that money in your face and say: “This is mine”, only so that it is clear who is owns whom.

I also wish you that none of your love affairs dies, but that if some do, you can cry without regrets and grieve without guilt.

I wish finally that, being man, you have a good woman, and that being woman, you have a good man, tomorrow and on the following day, and that when both exhausted and smiling, you can still talk about love to start again.

If all these things were to happen, I do not have more to wish to you.