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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Memory Card

I am not a gadget person. That is my husband. “Buy the one that has the 300 features! It’s only $200 more”. Out of the 300 features, we will utilize or learn to use 5. But, to each its own.

I had to upgrade my phone. Nowadays, phones come with all kinds of features; camera, MP3, GPS and occasionally they make calls too.

Reluctantly, I had to give up my old phone when it ceased charging. My phone had been with me since the Summer of 2007.

It is more than upgrading to a phone that now let’s me check the weather and helps me access Yellow pages when I’m on the road and need to locate an address. It means given up memories…

My old phone has pictures that are only in the phone memory and can not be transferred. There is a picture of my son two years ago looking then more a boy than the man he is now. There is my daughter smiling in a restaurant holding a piece of chicken shaped as a heart that reminds me how I needed her company that night.

There are text messages that made me smile, gave me hope when I read them. There are the ones I saved sent by friends after every Catscan that was clean. There is the first one I received from a dear friend after a hiatus in our friendship. There are the ones I read with a tear forming in my eyes, and hope in my heart.

I am being forced to leave all of that behind. Same as life forces us to move on and detach from the past. A past that helped me edify my today. I am grateful for it.

My new phone is clean and ready for new memories. But the old ones, will remain with me.

As I write this, I received a call letting me know it's time to see my aunt, maybe for the last time.
Life goes on...memories stay.