I write about my life and life itself seen through my eyes for who can write through the experiences of others if not their own?

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Customer Always....?

I walked in the store and placed the card and a small stuffed puppy on her desk. The girl looked at me surprised. “Why? Thank you!” I said the same thing I had written in the card,

Thank YOU. You were patient when I wasn’t”.

Sure, I had a reason to be angry. I had been given a phone that didn’t work and was asked now to pay $35 re-stocking fee to return it. Why? The phone didn’t work. The attendant explained I could drive to the Apple Store and get one without paying the fee. “You want me to drive to the biggest mall in the State in the middle of Christmas shopping craze so I can get a phone because your company gave me a defective one?”

I could sense the tension building. The girl insisted those were the rules and well, I was a customer therefore I had to pay.

Finally, she went inside, checked with her manager and probably had a shot of Johnnie Walker before coming back and telling me my phone would be switched at no charge.

We both pretended nothing had happened while she worked on setting up the new phone, then I left.

She was doing her job. I was doing mine, but was I doing it correctly?

As it is with me, when the lights go out I see the scenes of my day uncensored, unedited. No one to justify me or validate me. Just me. Yes, it was her job; yes I was the customer, yes yes yes. I had a reason to justify me, but it did not give me the right to make her feel bad.

Those hours at night or at dawn when it’s me and myself, I can not hide, I can not deny what I’ve done. It might not have been a big thing, possibly she didn’t even remember me in the pool of nasty customers she deals with but I remember.

And that is what matters.

It is me I have to face everyday, I have to like living with myself.