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Sunday, January 03, 2010

A Heart Inside a Monster?

Pablo Escobar led a drug cartel in Colombia in the decade of the 80s. Named in Forbes magazine as the seventh richest man in the world with a fortune of $25 billion; he terrorized cities, placed bombs in crowded malls, destroyed pedestrian bridges that were the only access from rural areas to small villages. He ordered the killing of politicians, and bombed an airliner. A monster, pure evil.

When Escobar was gunned down in 1993, the poor mourned him. He had built and given away housing to the poor so to them, he was a hero. In exchange, he received their loyalty and obstruction of investigations whenever possible.

Sixteen years after his death, his son is looking for atonement for the sins of his father. He has contacted the children of the families killed by Escobar. This man lives a peaceful life far from the violence he knew.

What made me shake my head in disbelief was hearing that Escobar had been an excellent father. Close, supportive, loving.

Can a monster who stops at nothing for personal gain have feelings? It seems an oxymoron.

Is it accurate to say then that there is a good side in everyone? And hard to explain that the goodness and love for one can not be extended to the rest.

But what about the opposite? Can one good person also hold evil in them when everything else is good? Can one person harm only one and love the rest? How is that justified in our heads? Or is it?

I found this article that might or not relate to the topic of the complexity of human beings. In any event, it is interesting reading.