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Sunday, January 31, 2010

It Makes No Sense!
I like to find logic in most everything. Or I like to believe that I find logic in most things. But sometimes I fail to.

You know I run. Yes, I am one of those whose day is not complete if I don’t lace up my sneakers (soon that phrase will be obsolete as laceless shoes are becoming more popular) and go for 5 or 6 miles a day and my weekends are highly disappointing if I don’t get at least 12 miles in.

However (yes, a conjunctive adverb is allowed at the beginning of a sentence I just learned), in spite of my semi-long mileage, I can drive around and around and around in the parking lot of a mall until I find the closest parking spot to the door. God forbid I’d have to walk more than a few yards to the store.

My family looks at me flabbergasted; “you are running 18 miles tomorrow, what’s a few feet?” A few feet too many, if you ask me.

My coworkers are baffled sometimes when I yelled “is that fax for me? I don’t want to have to walk over there to check”. And the other day I ate my yogurt in the kitchen. I could not bring myself to walk aaaaall the way to my desk and then aaaaaall the way back to the kitchen to dispose of the container and then aaaaaall the way back to my desk to work. That might have been a whole 1/10 of a mile! Is that the epitome of laziness? Maybe.

So back at the original question. What possesses a person who works out regularly, runs over 30miles a week to try to find a short cut to exercise on the mundane things of life? Maybe just that it is not necessary, I don’t have to. Walking a few yards to the mall doesn’t do anything for me but running 12 miles does? No logic. It is what it is.

And sometimes that is how it has to be. No logic. Just let it be what it is.