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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

My Taxes At Work

I received the good news, my road will be paved this spring. That is great news especially since it is the first time in 16 years since I own this house. It will be 17 by the time they pave it.

My taxes at work.

Two years ago, tired of watching the curb wash off in the rain and watching the crate get so big that if you looked inside you’d see Satan, I wrote to the Town twice, no answer the first time. I received a reply the second time, “It is in the works, there are so many other roads”. So many others that you can’t tend mine in 15 years? Yes, we’ll come and patch. And so they did.

And they paved other roads, the ones with higher tax paying customers. Those roads are paved every other year (I know, I run on them). No big crates. No crates.

Mine was patched. The patches were gone within a raining season. And so the crates appeared. No crates on the higher tax paying customers.

So I wrote, and then I wrote again. And then I wrote again. And then I gave pictures to a town employee who promised to get it done. And no answer was received.

Then I emailed a higher up with pictures attached. And because it was elections month, I received a reply “we have been looking into that” for the past 16 years, I assume.

And so the Superintendent of Highways showed up at my house – unfortunately I was not around to shake his hand. I was, however, around to not vote on his behalf.

My road will be paved in the spring. For the first time since I own this house, 17 years. And many years before that. My neighbors couldn’t believe that the road was patched. Imagine what they are going to think if it is indeed paved. And if it isn’t, I might have to write another letter.

Paying my taxes does work for me.