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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Where We Stood

I always look way too much into movies. Why is Indiana Jones still wearing that hat after flying an open window biplane? How did she get there? Shouldn’t he have lost that cigarette after that big fall he had?

It’s a movie, for God’s sake!!!!! I hear them all answer.

I still want to know.

I saw Cats the Musical when it was fairly new and then again when my kids were little and then again, God knows why. Each time I disliked it more. I couldn’t follow the plot for my life. And I couldn’t take one more Jellicle cat. Yeah, yeah, the music and the lights and the customs and the cats jumping around but what about the story? Was there one? Or one worth writing a script?

Don’t mind me. I’m weird.

I saw a comedy recently. Although I was laughing at loud with everybody, I was trapped beyond the humor and I actually got sad in some parts even while everybody else laughed.

Quick snap; years after a couple divorces there is a certain jealousy left when they see each other. And one day, BANG! Something happens and the old flame is rekindled from the ashes. One scene caught my attention when the woman says:

“It wasn’t all you. It was me too”

Surprised he replies, “You never said that”

“You cheated. I didn’t have to.”

So true. Wrong but true.When one of the parties cheats or leaves the other when a new love interest arises, it dims all other actions. The betrayal, the feeling of rejection and being replaced is so powerful that it mutes everything else. The hurt is so deep; the hurt is so bottomless that it is hard to see that we were also at fault.

Sad, sometimes unrepairable. The hurt of betrayal and rejection takes a long time to heal, most times no one gives enough time to it. We are too busy chasing life.

The comedy touched the romantic side of me. The side that wishes life was like movies except that in this movie, after the short lived love affair they realize they no longer fit. There is no fit left.

Maybe they needed to try one more time. Maybe they shouldn’t have tried at all.