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Friday, February 05, 2010

Driving Lessons

She has always been determined, driven to achieve her goals. I assumed on her 16th birthday she would be in line at the DMV taking her test and behind the wheel on her way home.

It was not until 8 months later when she, at my insistence – heck, I can use a designated driver! – took and passed the written exam she didn’t study for.

So on Sunday I was summoned to the house right after gym. “I want to drive” her voice said with excitement. I figured the adrenaline of my workout would help keep me calm so I agreed to take her.

Teaching my son was different, a traumatic experience for both of us. I thought he was trying to kill us on payback for some childhood trauma I might have inflicted on him. Although a much different experience than with her brother, I still pressed the imaginary break pedal several times. No wonder my legs hurt on my run on Monday.

She appeared calm, very calm, calmer than I. She listened to my instructions and she asked for advice. “When do you think I can do the Head bobbing?”

“The what???”

“Head bobbing, you know to the music, like this” - she says as her head starts bouncing back and forth.

Keep your eyes on the ROAD!!!

“What about the hand tapping?”
Keep your hands on the 10:20 position!!! No Tapping!!!

So she drove for two hours. And I made myself a scotch on the rocks when I got home. Phew!