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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Justice Blind?

The food and service were not the best but the restaurant was conveniently located. I would visit it weekly with friends and coworkers. Then, one day it made the news. Headlines all over. A truck delivery of hash came to the parking lot of the restaurant. Tons – not grams, not pounds - of the illegal substance were in the compartment of the vehicle.

The lead had been followed for months. Dishwashers and kitchen help were undercovered agents ready to arrest the owner of the delivery.

And they did, for a day.

Bail was met and the news quiet down. It was well known that the person involved had the support of a well to do family with lots of money and so time went on as the investigation proceeded.

In the meantime other people were arrested for possession of a few grams of marijuana and thrown in jail for a while.

Our restaurant owner was finally sentenced to an ankle bracelet for a year or so and life went on with no major changes other than not being able to leave town during the length of the so called arrest.

The ones who were arrested with no big family name attached remained in jail until their sentence was complete and paid for their offense, just the way that it should be…if you don’t have money.