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Sunday, February 07, 2010


She was already in front of the mirror when I walked in to change. She fixed her bangs, and added a little more hair spray. She turned to the side and then the other side and for the final touch added a little body splash. I continue changing while thinking that I never have that much time to “powder my nose” after my work out. I basically run out of the gym when I’m done.

I finished changing and wished her a good day assuming she would be heading out the door in a few minutes. And surely a few minutes later I saw her walk out of the locker room but instead of leaving she head out to the weights on the floor with frequent chatting sessions in between.

It reminded me of, years ago, a church I used to go in a back-then small town. I had asked my friend to meet earlier and go together. I went to her house and waited for her to get ready. And I waited and waited and waited. Off came many outfits out of the closet and back in the closet, make up, hairdos, jewelry. We made it to church and after mass I understood why it had taken her so much time to get ready. It was a social gathering!!! People socialized more than they do at a bar!

Maybe some of us have it all wrong.

Somehow it didn’t seem the right setting. Not that I want people to be asocial but the focus did not seem to be on the service but on the hour after. It was about pretension, it was about impressing, it was about who was there. It was about me, me, me.

I must be missing something…After 9 years going to the same gym, I work out, wave, smile and nod when I see a person, I don’t know their name or what they do. I leave them alone and they leave me alone…maybe I need to spray a little body splash on me….

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