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Saturday, February 27, 2010

No Debt???

I am going to vent. I am tired of people who seem to know what’s best. “You should have no credit card debt” they offer. “You need to tighten your belt” they scold.

How much can a middle class family tighten their belt before it cuts circulation, I ask?

Now, here is the deal for many families. Accepting a job with a pay cut of $20,000 because it pays more than unemployment and 9 years later still $5,000 behind what we made before.

Picture the spouse not getting a raise for 5 years because the economy is such and we don’t dare ask for a raise because we are lucky to have a job.

During these years, while we struggle to accommodate to a new life style based on a different budget the gas prices double hitting 4.40 a gallon in 2007. So heating oil and propane doubles. And medical bills still come. And kids grow up and go to college and the so called student loan now has a monthly interest payment that gets added to the bills. And High School kids are asked to take college courses that must be paid separate. And auto insurance doubles when we have a teenager driving.

So we eliminate vacations and decrease eating out and the balance goes on credit cards.

And credit cards increase their interest if we are late a couple of times while we wait for our paycheck to hit the bank so we don’t bounce our payments.

And the middle class families continue to fit it all into their budget and their credit cards.

That, my friends, is the life of many families.