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Monday, March 15, 2010

Lady, You are missing the point!

Sometimes when I pray for something trivial like “good weather” I wonder if I am robbing the world of the good energy that should go for something like world hunger.

“Fix the weather for me Pal, will ya? I have a race to direct.”

And sometimes even those little prayers get answered.

The weather did get fixed. I didn’t pray for more because I figured everything else we could control and since there was no rain during the race that should be enough reason to be happy, right? After all, participants signed up to run a race that benefits cancer patients. An accurate course, support during the race and a nice windbreaker and goodie bag worth the price of the entry should be enough.


Apparently, some participants expected a four course meal with their entry fee.

The Outback donated the food, cooked it and served it, enough for 1,200
people. With 400 runners in the room you would think that, math being a
science, 800 pieces would be left. Okay, so most took two pieces, that
leaves 400 to spare.

But then families and friends also were on line to eat and when the food ran out the few who didn’t eat yelled and demanded it. “I paid to run this race” a woman said, what are you going to do about the food? and another man yelled and stumped his feet. So we gave each $20 which they took…Hey, no big deal but those $40 are $40 our cancer support group won’t get. I thought that was the point of participating.

And others got on line to collect a “free dinner at the Outback” as the
manager tried to appease the disgruntle participants.

As an aside, the Outback manager lost her dad to cancer 3 days before the event and yet, the runners were ruthlessly demanding food. It was
heartbreaking to see her wipe the tears off her cheeks as she frantically wrote free meal tickets and passed them on.

To the woman and the man who screamed in our faces and walked away with $20 each, shame on you! To the ones who took advantage of the Manager writing free meal tickets, same thing.

We promised you a good race, support on the course, accurate results, a
certified course and a great jacket not the cheap cotton t-shirt races give.

Everything and anything above that is a bonus not an entitlement.

This race is on behalf of the cancer patients who don’t have insurance and can’t pay their co-pays or buy their medication or make it to their treatments because they don’t have the money to do it. It is for those in the room running in the memory of loved ones who didn’t make it and it is for the many participants that are still undergoing treatment and need a reason to believe they can make it.

I hope hose who got a “free dinner” ticket wont redeem it. And to that woman who took the $20, if she signed up to get fed, Lady, you are missing the point!