I write about my life and life itself seen through my eyes for who can write through the experiences of others if not their own?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Other Way Around

Two weeks after Celebrate Life Half Marathon, I direct the Wurtsboro Mountain 30K, a long distance race primarily for the hard core long distance runner. The race is just that, challenging and long.

While driving the course during the race, I couldn’t help but wonder what makes a runner or person in general be so appreciative when they seem to get less. Let me explain, while I provide course marshals, course support, water and Gatorade stations, post race food, and clothing to overall winners, it is much more low key on the “top notch” scale of races when compared to Celebrate Life.

However, runners gladly sign up and when I run out of give aways even if I offer to mail one to them, I normally get a “don’t worry about it”. Inexpensive medals and trophies? They love them. No results available? “No problem, I still loved the race”.

Furthermore, last weekend I helped at a race. Talk about no frill!!! This race was in my opinion, expensive and as poorly organized as they come. The course was far from accurate as the race director shameless admitted. An inexpensive T-shirt was the give away. No course support because the race director “forgot to set up any water stations” yet, I didn’t hear anyone complain.

If we so much as to run out of coffee in Celebrate Life, it seems that the world is about to end! While they complain about the coffee or the color of their wind jacket (not a cotton t-shirt mind you) or their SWAG or goodie bag not having the same thing as the other person, there is enough beer, steak, chicken and many other amenities seldom seen at races.

My question then is…what makes a person more appreciative when less is given and so arrogantly demanding when more is offered?

As I drove along side the river watching the runners smile and wave at me, I let my mind wander (while keeping my eyes on the road!). What makes us such puzzling individuals who at times appear so unforgiving, so ungrateful? If our behavior were only in races then the running world would have something to laugh about but, what is more perplexing is that our controversial ways spread in other aspects of our lives.

Are we more demanding of those who show us more love and more unforgiving of those who try to right the wrong and are we more accepting of those who don’t care so much?

Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Better yet, shouldn’t we be appreciative of whatever is given to us in good faith?

Glad to receive, glad someone cares enough to give, glad someone loves us, glad someone tries to make it better than a “I don’t give a rat’s tail” race.

Glad to be part of the race, glad to be part of life.