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Saturday, March 06, 2010

You’re So Vain

I agree that there is someone for everyone otherwise some of us would be hopelessly alone. Different strokes for different folks, that’s a good thing.

However, some people seem to think everyone wants them. I work with such a person. I hear constantly “he was coming on to me”; “that man just came on to me!” That might be true but…I mean, I am not all that cute but I am not a dog either. I am somewhat fit and might look slightly younger than I am yet I don’t see lines of men (or women for that matter ha!) lining up to take me out. In fact, I never see anyone coming on to me or I never think they are, but I’m pretty sure they’re not.

What makes someone think they are the only pepsi in the desert (my cousin uses that idiomatic phrase)? I don’t see the appeal in this person but maybe others see it. I just refuse to think it is that many!!!

Then again, maybe it is true. Maybe that is why I never see anyone coming on to me, they are all after her!