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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Can we walk to the corner and back? My little ones would ask.

Seems that walking means a lot to kids at an early age. They quickly break into a run but as the teen years come, the pace slows down again to a more relaxed stroll.

I see them all the time on my lunch hour when I pass them on my run. Girls and boys separate groups walking back from or after school. It seems relaxing, bonding and school of course, is the venue that facilitates the meetings.

Back in the Victorian days it seemed that walking was more usual, not just as a means of getting somewhere but people walked when they wanted to talk (if they were not having their tea…). Different eras,different needs but it seemed less rushed.

My meeting friends for the most part is different. It revolves around dinner, drinks, maybe even coffee or a casual lunch or a run. Seldom a walk.

On a rare occasion when I do meet a friend for a walk, it’s different and pleasant. Refreshening. It remains a good work out if that is what we’re looking for – but there is time to literally smell the flowers or stop and rescue a little turtle back to the pond. I would have squashed the creature had I been running.

Although my daughter is a runner, we don’t run together (different paces). But I do walk with my son, a time we spend together I cherish more than I can explain. I love it when I come home and he is waiting, patiently. Our walks our peaceful, sometimes in silence, sometimes with light conversation, it doesn’t matter. The silence of his company is good enough.

We are together and it is peaceful.

Walking to a runner is like wine. It needs time to develop a taste for it.

It takes time to appreciate its peacefulness.