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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Home Depot Past Due Account

Me I received 3 calls regarding my account
Cust Srv your account is past due
Me I set up automatically minimum payments
Cust Srv Your automatic payments don’t cover your minimum due
Me Automatic payments don’t cover minimum due?
Cust Srv No Ma’am. I’m sorry. They are set up at $14 a month
Me I set up minimum payment not $14. Please change it to minimum payment
Cust Srv Yes, Ma’am. I’ll set it up to $100.00
Me How do you know that is minimum payment? Whatever, that’s fine.
Cust Srv Now you have to make a payment to bring your account current. If you go on line you wont have to pay a service fee

Next call

Me On line is not letting me make a payment. Keeps bringing me back to questions.
Cust Srv You have to answer the questions in order to make a payment
Me Questions don’t relate. They are
APR to high
Income reduced
Minimum payment too high
Lost job
Medical,/Family issue
Social Security check reduced

Cust Srv Choose something close
Me Next set of questions:
At the end of this arrangement, how will your financial situation change to allow you to make the regular minimum payment due on your account each month?Select All That Apply
Current Financial Situation Not Expected To Change
Better Organization To Monthly Bills
Consolidation of bills
Other credit cards will be paid off
Will get another job
Expecting additional income
Unfreezing of assets
Return to work
Refinancing home
Public assistance. Food stamps, section 8

Me: Ma'am I just want to make a payment. I dont see how these questions relate to my payment or wanting to make a payment
Cust Srv I’ll get a supervisor on the line for you
Me Sir, I want to make a payment, why can’t you simply take my money?
Supervisor Sorry Ma’am you need to complete the questionnaire. We need to know
What source of funds will you use to resume regular monthly payments?Select All That Apply
Me I need to tell you if I am using the following to make a payment??? It’s only $50.00 to make it current!

Disability checks
Family loan
Gift from a friend
Life Insurance policy
Liquidating assets
Unemployment benefits

Supervisor Yes, Ma’am

Me: Unfortunately I don’t see my option. Walking the streets is not listed.

Supervisor Silence

Me: I’ll make a payment in person. Just for the record if you didn’t get it yet, your questions are stupid.
Supervisor We don’t think so Ma’am.