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Friday, April 09, 2010

Rambling On

Having an appointment in the City in the afternoon is easier to take the train. No figting traffic, no tolls.

What a long line of people emerging from the trains in Grand Central!

I wonder if there will be a line to get into Heaven similar to this, everyone hurrying to get ahead of the other.

Can’t use your credit card to pay for sins as easily as I paid for my train fare! But I’m not there yet.

“Sorry, we’re booked. Gotta wait for the next train”

I didn’t want to take the subway to my destination. I rather walk/jog, maybe get a couple of miles in. Now on the streets of NYC can’t help but notice how many people are on their cells or on some form of MP3. Why would that surprise me anyway? Back in the day, we didn’t do it because we didn’t have the little devices and if you ask me, it beats the huge cassette players some carried on their shoulders banging people on the head with it in crowded places like this city.

I see someone with a coat in their hands. They did not really think they were going to need it, did they? It’s 86 degrees and the sun is roasting us.

I’m noticing signs for specials on pedicure. It makes me think of difficult jobs. There must be some pedicure jobs that render the giver and the receiver unsatisfied. Take for instance me. I am a runner for God’s sake. My feet are a bit beat up. They’re clean (don’t sniff me after a 12 mile run) but a little rough around the edges and the only way to cover a black nail would be to get creative with black or dark red or better yet, dark blue paint simulating deformed blueberries.

I am running in peak pedestrian time to make it to my doctor’s appointment on a very unseasonably hot day in spring. I should have left earlier but that would make too much sense and I always find a reason to delay these appointments even if the one today is low on my scale of fear. There seems to be no reason to run because the ones casually walking are catching up to me at the red light and all lights seem to be red as I approach them. So I am giving up on the running part. Too much effort. Lately I seem to be taking that philosophy in other areas of my life. Stop putting effort into fruitless tasks.

I’ll take it easy and get to my destination around the time I need to be there.

It is not like getting into Heaven. I can reschedule this appointment as long as I continue to have health coverage.