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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Running Non Sense

A year ago barely 3 miles into my second 20 miler before a marathon I had picked since I had missed the deadline for Boston, I had excruciating pain in my knee. 5 weeks and 3 doctors later I wondered for the first time if I would ever run again, comfortably.

After a few failed tries I resumed running and here I am again.

Today 20 hours after a hard effort lousy time work out I felt the stiffness in the back of my knee that alerts me that the leg is getting weak since I have not kept up with my exercises.
I abandoned my brief illusion of running a marathon in the next few weeks but the quick increase in mileage might be the cause of some of the discomfort which became more evident today when pain in the upper ligament of my foot made me stop to massage it not to mention that I seem to be developing plantar fasciitis so I’ll make use of that tennis ball I bought over the summer to run my foot over it and loosen up the fascia. Too bad the racquet won’t get any use. But it sure looks good hanging on my wall.

As I limp back to my desk it is getting more difficult to convince my coworkers of the benefits of running and when they hear that I am due for another pair of orthotics which will cost me $435 any running prospects might be lost to golf forever.

Ahhh, how can I explain the small rewards of my passion?