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Monday, May 24, 2010

Auspicious Occasion

I seldom write about what is happening at the moment in my life. Well, this is one of those seldom moments. My birthday!

Traditionally it is a day when somebody be it a family member or a close friend does something a little out of the ordinary, maybe a musical or something like that.

This time it was out of the ordinary yet very casual and therefore unusual.

I was awaken by breakfast in bed made by my daughter. Toast and butter and jelly; fruit; whole wheat pancakes (trying to be healthy while we pile on the calories); French toast; hash corned beef; bacon, and a cold glass of V8 Splash.

I had to run 13 miles to burn one third of that.That was followed by a visit from my family from Queens.

Of course there was wine involved and although I was the only one drinking since everybody else was on antibiotics (a bunch of sick people, huh?) I had a great time. Since there was no cake, my daughter and niece whipped together a cake and I got to blow candles. And before you ask, we didn’t have that many candles in the house so the number was symbolic.

I will give Facebook credit for receiving dozens of emails from old friends with whom I have reconnected, new friends and all in between.

It was sweet; it was casual and good, and sort of unexpected. Most all the important people in my life were there. We can never have them all at once. You win some, you lose some. (pg 6)