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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Not So Kind Reminder

The 14 years at a job left some great memories in me. Somehow, I managed to get along with at least 99.8% of the people in the company. A pretty decent statistic in any job. I had a good rapport with my bosses also – maybe my “tell it like it is with a smile and never kiss @ss” attitude earned me the respect of them and that of my co-workers. My good friend C would humor me: “the one everyone loves” and I was.

I got away with almost any practical joke I was driven by my humor.

One of my favorite jokes was the announcement of my birthday.

Weeks before I’d walk around the building after hours writing on people’s calendars and planners “Last payday before Myriam’s birthday” , “Myriam’s birthday today”, “Take Myriam out”. Surprisingly, it worked! I was inundated with invitations that filled my own planner! Maybe it was my friends wanting to appease me so I would shut up. Whatever it was, I got many laughs out of the deal.

More importantly, the job gave me long lasting friendships and although it has been years since I left, we remain in touch and we still meet. Recently through Facebook I reconnected with a good friend whose contact I had lost. Our meeting was great, our hug sincere, our jokes bantering, nothing changed. Our children are grown, our hair (hers) grayer but all in all, it remains so good.

It was a good feeling to be reminded that we are liked and remembered fondly for whom we are. Sometimes we forget.

Speaking of reminders, I must send them all an email announcing my birthday and all of you reading this too…