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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Psychic Powers

I torture myself once a while with a radio station that every so many weeks features a psychic. I don’t know why I do it, maybe just to pass the time if the music is not of my choice.

The woman takes calls and understandingly only one question is allowed per caller. The first question she asks is “What is your birthday?” and after, the person asks their question. This morning it went something like this:

“Will my health improve?”

“I see something happening with something in your body…maybe your liver”
“No, my liver is fine”
“There is something going on that you are going to get help with, maybe in the heart area”
“No, I am seeing a pulmonologist
“Yes, something that involves all the main functions, liver, heart, lungs…yes that is what I see”.

“I feel there are a lot of people involved…they are in a large place, maybe a medical office” (duh!)
“I see someone taking great interest in you, he might be a health provider and he will bring a solution”” --- gee, we hope so!.

Gee, a doctor might be interested when the woman told you she has a health issue???

Next call.

“Will I be selling my house soon?”

“What is our birthday?”


“I see someone telling me you are going to be okay. Someone far related to you, a cousin…


Maybe someone you lost earlier in life. Someone old.”

“Maybe my grandmother?”


She has the woman’s date of birth so she knows that if the woman is 40, grandma is way under ground.

“I see someone important coming into your life and they are going to make a decision that is going to be important for you. Maybe someone from the past. Maybe someone who saw the house and will now make an offer.

Yes, I definitely feel something good is going to happen.”

I do believe there are people who are definitely in touch with other dimension of which most of us are not aware. But I also believe there are many who are there for the money.

If you are selling a house chances are someone “from the past” is going to come back – someone who already saw the house and might buy it. It is hit and miss and they are trained not on psychic powers but on how to manipulate those hits.

It is all for entertainment and as long as we see it that way, it is fine.

I do wonder, however, why the psychic, who opened the business across the street from my office, didn’t know every business in that spot didn’t make it. She was out of there in no time.

Maybe the crystal ball needs some Windex.